When Should I buy Maternity Clothes

Wednesday, October 7th 2015. | Maternity Dresses

when should i buy maternity clothesWhen should i buy maternity clothes?
Should i buy maternity clothes in my normal size?
Should i buy maternity clothes at 7 weeks?
There are a lot of question about when is the best time to buy maternity clothes for first pregnancy.

When to buy maternity clothes first pregnancyWhen to buy maternity clothes, especially for first pregnancy, is becoming an intense debate by netizen. Should you buy maternity clothes to get you through your pregnancy or just rely on the wardrobe you already have? It is depends on the person. Here is how it happened for some mom-to-be.

Jess Kevin said in babycenter forum, “I’m about 6 weeks and I have bought some maternity pants and shirts. I started having problems with my regular pants when I sat down because it was hurting my stomach. If you aren’t comfortable then you’re not happy. If you think you need to to be comfy then do it. Trust me I felt weird going into JCPenny with my mom and getting maternity clothes when I wasn’t even showing yet. But They are comfy and I wouldn’t think twice about getting more.”

Another pregnant woman said that she started buying maternity clothes when she was 7 weeks pregnancy because of the comfort. At that time, her pants were no longer fit so she decided to buy maternity pants to be comfortable.

Another answer said that you can wait until 16-20 weeks because there will be no significant weight gain in the first trimester.

Are you still confused? Here are tips for whichever you decide

Maximizing Your Current Wardrobe Before Deciding To Buy Maternity Clothes

I am sure you are very happy and wanted to celebrate it with the opportunity to follow the latest model of maternity clothes. However, it will require a huge cost. Choose your current pants and shirt that has a large enough size and maximize them first. If you rush to buy maternity clothes from scratch, you’ll still need a lot of new clothes when your baby bump grows.

During the first trimester, it is possible for most pregnant women to adjust their old clothes that can still be used. Here are some tips to adjust clothing during pregnancy:

In the first four months, it is feasible (depending on the size of your growing bump) for most pregnant women to adjust their clothing so that it is still wearable. Here’s some help:

1. Longer-fitting shirts and blouses work well, as do tunics, stretchy tanks, and tees.
2. Sport one of your favorite skirts and wear it a little higher on your stomach, making sure not to constrict your precious cargo, of course. (This would just be uncomfortable for you, but wouldn’t hurt your baby.)
3. Dig out your looser-fitting pants and flowy tops during this stage.
4. Your favorite pair of jeans can be worn comfortably for a while with the help of a rubber band or elastic hair tie looped through the buttonhole and wrapped around the button.
5. Go ahead and unbutton that top button of your pants, using a large safety pin to secure them, and conceal the evidence with a longer top or wide belt.

So, when to buy maternity clothes for first pregnancy is up to you, depending on the changes that occur in your body.
when to wear maternity clothes first pregnancy

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