4 Easy Tips on How to make maternity clothes from regular close

Monday, November 16th 2015. | Maternity Dresses

How to make maternity clothes from regular close
how to make maternity clothes from regular close

When a woman is pregnant, choose existing clothes that are trendy yet comfortable can be a challenge because the body shape will change from time to time. When you are pregnant, you will feel confused to choose the right regular close to adjust the size of the stomach that is growing with increasing gestational age. Your favourite jeans of course is not fit to wear so that you are actually required to wear maternity clothes that sometimes makes your appearances became less fashionable. However, There are many tricks that you can keep wearing your regular clothes to be comfortable and trendy when used as maternity clothes.

Can a pregnant woman be stylish? There are many Hollywood celebrities who stay pretty and fashionable though they are pregnant. You as mothers also can cheat some maternity clothes. But make sure the clothes you choose is comfortable and loose so that you can still move freely with your growing baby bump.

Here are tips on choosing a comfortable regular clothes but still fashionable as maternity clothes and how to make trendy maternity clothes from your existing regular close:

Dress That Accentuate Your Body Shape

how to make maternity dress from existing dress doutzen kroes
Normally, a pregnant woman would wear maternity clothes which are very loose as negligee in order to cover the baby bump and feels comfortable while moving. But keep in mind that oversized clothes makes you look sloppy. The solution is you can wear a shirt or maternity dress which not only fit in the stomach, but also fit on other body parts. Show me your protruding belly with confidence because usually men see pregnant women sexier if baby bump is highlighted.

For the choice of dress that you can wear is maternity dress that have the accent on the waist like a rope that is tied at the back or adding a belt to accentuate your growing baby bump. Shirt dress, empire dress, and a long tunic top can try to use and mix and match to create a look that is fashionable and comfortable clothing.

Layered Dress

how to make regular clothes maternity layered clothes
Who says wearing layered dress will make pregnant women look so fat? Precisely the right way to wear layered dress can make you look stylish without fattening effect. If your weight increases rapidly because of the pregnancy so into chubby cheeks, a shirt with a V-neck or scoop shape is the perfect choice to frame the face become more proportionate.

The use of layered dress in addition to making the display into force, the other function is to keep the body warm in cold weather. But if you want to use layering techniques like this, make sure you pay attention to body proportions. You can combine fitting shirt body is coated with drapey sweater neutral colors such as khaki and black that can help the body become more level. So that the foot is also becoming longer, you can wear pants with boot cut pieces.

Bright colored clothes
red bright maternity dress from regular clothes
Pregnant women tend to like to wear dark clothing to conceal or disguise the belly and give the body a more slender silhouette. Whereas brightly colored clothes can be selected even the bright colors make you look more attractive. You should not have to worry about that fatten the body when pregnant, just show me the confidence that people see you still felt the look beautiful and attractive.

Pants and Leggings

how to make maternity pants from regular pants
Pregnant women not only have to wear a skirt or dress, you know … you can still wear your regular jeans, pants, or leggings while pregnant. Moreover regular pants are mandatory for a casual look that is unlikely to be abandoned. The best model for creating more foot ladder effect is pants with boot cut pieces. Make sure the material used is a flexible material with a waist that is easily adjusted with a waist size that is increasingly changing from day to day. Leggings or jegging can you mix with a mini dress or a shirt dress to cover the buttocks. While jeans or trousers fabric you can combine with T-shirt or a tunic top that fits in your baby bump and body.

Do not forget to wear comfortable footwear. You should wear flat shoes or if the swollen feet, sandals are the perfect choice. If want to wear heels, choose low-heeled shoes with kitten heels like a pump to avoid foot sprain. From the look of maternity dress inspiration from Hollywood celebrities, are you keen to emulate?

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